phoenix heart films makes its film festival debut with “tea for three” in the filmzeit kaufbeuren film festival


“Tea Tor Three” is a co production by phoenix heart films and the T42 dance company. It was made in a very free and artistic way and has been selected by filmzeit kaufbeuren to show in its international short film category on the 4th of Oct. This is the first short film which phoenix heart films has made…
…and its also the first time its been accepted into a film festival so we are really HAPPY about that!!

“Tea for Three” looks at power relations and mental illness, from a playful often surreal viewpoint and was co-made by a mixed gender cast.


A house wife tries to run her house with confidence, but her feeling of control is replaced by sinister visions…
This improvised film contains surreal dance elements, and takes place during an afternoon. A highly strung house wife micro-manages her jumpy maid whilst her husband completely ignores her, Strange things start to happen to the wife and she starts bullying the maid to feel in control… but when the glamorous guest arrives the beautiful meal is consumed in beastly way while the husband and guest flirt and play footsie under the table! The illusion of control which the wife had created falls apart and the tea for three climaxes into a psychedelic nightmare!

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